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CONNI KAMINSKI is an ethical and sustainable womenswear designerbrand

100% made in Belgium.

Refined asymmetry, beautiful drapés, deconstructed knitwear, unexpected material mix and upcycling, for a result both original and elegant. The clothes are made from mostly natural and high quality materials such as silk, cotton, linen, merino wool and baby alpaca wool.

Next to the onlineshop, there is the boutique followed by the atelier, located in the historic center of Brussels: come and say hi and discover our universe chic and décalé.

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Designer of German origin, Conni Kaminski studied fashion design and tailoring in Hamburg.

In 2000, she settled permanently in Brussels, and in 2005, the Conni Kaminski brand was created.

In 2008, she opened her store in the historic center of Brussels, behind which you can see the place where the magic happens: her workshop.



While proximity to her customers is a fundamental thing for Conni Kaminski, proximity to her suppliers and manufacturers is no exception. The sourcing of raw materials from different European countries and the production « made in Belgium », including research for fabrics, her pieces are entirely made on the same continent. Far from large productions across the oceans, everything is done via a 100% European network for flawless regulation and visibility of production.



Because every detail counts, Conni Kaminski always selects for her creations essentially natural and high quality materials, all from European producers, such as silk, cotton, linen, merino wool and baby alpaca yarns, offering to her customers beautiful clothes comfortable to wear.



Avoiding mass overproduction, Conni Kaminski's clothes are created in limited series with a design both elegant and original. Refusing to get locked into far too ephemeral codes and trends, Conni Kaminski has her own universe. Thus, each of her pieces is a real added value to your wardrobe, as timeless as atypical. Always in the field of sustainability, her creations aim to support the clients in their everyday lives over the long term. Wearing Conni Kaminski is about asserting values ​​and style, while remaining authentic.



For her creations, Conni Kaminski loves playing with the fabric. If her bust molding technique, often used by Japanese designers, honors many drapes, we can also find in her pieces a work of knitwear deconstruction, study of the material to transform it and even upcycle it into something chic and innovative.

We can find in her clothes an elegant asymmetry as well as many material contrasts, bringing all its originality and identity.



Located in the historic center of Brussels, her shop is where it all happens. If the front door opens onto a beautiful store where you can admire, try and buy her creations, the back window offers us a view of her workshop, separated by an exterior courtyard full of greenery, where the collections are designed, the patterns are drew, the prototypes are created…, in short, a veritable abundance of ideas. It is also from the same place that each online order is sent, carefully packaged before departure.



Das Label Conni Kaminski kreiert die Designerin zusammen mit ihrem Partner. Die erste Kollektion wird auf der Brüsseler Modemesse vorgestellt.



Die Kollektion wird auf internationalen Modemessen in Paris und Premium Berlin gezeigt.



Conni Kaminski erscheint im Buch " YOUNG EUROPEAN FASHION DESIGNERS " von daab.



Conni Kaminski eröffnet den ersten Flagship-Store im historischen Zentrum von Brüssel. Das Atelier befindet sich im selben Gebäude. "Die Kunden, die in den Laden kommen, können das Atelier durch das Fenster im Hintergrund sehen, das durch einen Innenhof getrennt ist.



Conni Kaminski feiert das 10-jährige Bestehen ihres Flagship-Stores.


Januar 2019:

Conni Kaminski präsentiert die Herbst / Winter 2019/20 Kollektion auf der Premium Berlin während der Berlin Fashion Week zusammen mit UNITED FASHION .


Juni 2019: Conni Kaminski präsentiert ihre Frühjahr / Sommer 2020-Kollektion während einer Modenschau zusammen mit anderen Brüsseler Modedesignern auf der MAD BRUSSELS

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